Upper Marlboro

Upper Marlboro – An Introduction

Upper Marlboro


Upper Marlboro: The Heart of Prince George’s County

Upper Marlboro is a very interesting place that includes the incorporated Town of Upper Marlboro and the much larger surrounding area of Greater Upper Marlboro which has now become known as simply Upper Marlboro. The historic town of Upper Marlboro has served as the county seat of Maryland’s Prince George’s County since 1721. Major features of the town include the Prince George’s County Courthouse, County Administration Building, County Jail, Board of Education, and a scenic lake with a walking path. The town itself was settled around 1695 and named after the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill (an ancestor of Winston Churchill). It began to function as a port town for tobacco shipments along the Patuxent River in 1706.

Today, the town is still the governing center of Prince George’s County and during the day, people from all across Prince George’s County flock in for court hearings and government affairs. Apart from being a popular government hub the area has many rural, pastoral features, including horse farms and open land. The surrounding areas of Greater Upper Marlboro includes the Prince George’s Equestrian Center which is the location of the annual county fair, a major annual antiques show and the Show Place Arena on the former Marlboro racetrack grounds. Show Place Arena is used for events such as indoor football games, concerts, hockey games, circuses, rodeos, conventions, trade shows, and graduation ceremonies of many regional high schools. The Upper Marlboro area also includes numerous local planned suburban developments throughout the community, with large, new homes. These communities include Kettering, Marlton, Brock Hall, Marlboro Meadows, New Orchard, Ramblewood, Northampton, Perrywood, Melwood Park and others.


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